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Teachers have been navigating challenging and confusing times since education laws rolled out in 2022. In this episode, we get an update on what their classrooms have been like since.
The top statewide stories of the week.
Politics / Issues
WUSF wants to hear from you about what topics you want the candidates for public office to talk about this year.
Members of the community can nominate their favorite "queer elders."
Local / State
The latest news and how to stay informed.

“Bread Saved My Life”: Jax Bread Co. Owner Nana Bonsu-Hammond
An eclectic mix of contemporary classical music.
Health News Florida
News from our coverage partners and WUSF.
Johnson on a laptop in front of a bunch of screens looking at different intersections throughout the county, with some other people staring at the screens in front of him.
It may feel like the county's roadways are always jammed. These two engineer associates are tasked with clearing up some of the congestion that crashes and closures create in real time.
How guns can endanger kids' lives and futures.
Video series hosted in the WUSF Performance Studio highlights local Florida jazz musicians. 
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Florida Matters explores how the state's population boom affects key issues.