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This week, we are talking with two Black women who are leaders in the community and who have each taken a different approach to politics.
Politics / Issues
A For Sale sign in a yard
WUSF is asking community members in the greater Tampa Bay region to share how competition from real estate investors changed their home-buying experience.
Members of the community can nominate their favorite "queer elders."
Local / State
Stories from aspiring journalists trained by WUSF and WMFE

Couples in the Kitchen: Melissa Santell & Bryce Bonsack
An eclectic mix of contemporary classical music.
Health News Florida
Tips and a look back at 2023.
Video series hosted in the WUSF Performance Studio highlights local Florida jazz musicians. 
A strawberry patch lies within the middle of The Florida Strawberry Festival as visitors walk by and admire the growing fruit.
Get ready for all things strawberry at the annual Florida Strawberry Festival from Feb. 29 to March 10.
How guns can endanger kids' lives and futures.
More from NPR
The top stories of the week, across the state.
Florida Matters explores how the state's population boom affects key issues.